Quick Bit: One for Three With Bus Drivers

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Real quick story to share. Since we have been in Israel, we have been on the bus only a handful of times. We have seen three bus drivers. If you are following along, you know about our first experience and how well that went.

The savior of that story was the lady who greeted us at Revivim. Let's call her Chana.

Today, on the way back from Ulpan, there was supposed to be a bus to bring us back to Retamim and some of the other students back to their Kibbutz that is also nearby.

Rachel and I get on the bus and I confirm with the driver that we are heading to Retamim.

"No, we are not going to Retamim. Only the Kibbutz."

"Why not? We need to go to Retamim."

"I cannot go to Retamim. That is not for me."

This goes on for a minute or so. Back and forth. And then we get kicked off the bus. Great.

This is not ACTUALLY where we were kicked off the bus.
Just a road I happened to photograph today and I decided to use here for dramatic effect.
See the cacti at the end of the road?
Oh yeah, the conversation was in Hebrew. So, I guess the one good thing about getting kicked off the bus with no way to get home was that I had my first argument in Hebrew. That's an accomplishment, right?

Just like before, Chana saved the day and did her thing to yell at the bus driver.

So, like the title says, we are batting one for three with bus drivers. The one time that we had a good bus driver ... Chana was on the bus when it picked us up. I suppose the lesson learned is that we should not travel by bus without our personal bus-driver-yeller. Everyone needs one. Ours is Chana.

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