Tightrope to Israel

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Since my last post I have been running mainly on adrenaline. Minutes of sleep have been few and far between and the road seems endless.
Endless it truly is not...

Ready or not the movers will pack the lift Wednesday morning.
Ready or not this family of 5 will be getting on a plane bound for our new home in 16 days.
Ready or not we will spend the next 16 days trying to balance the excitement of our journey with the sting of goodbye.

Sorting through toys. Lots and lots of toys.
Goodbyes are rarely easy, a day, a week, a month, a year, an eternity we truly never know. This time though, we know the goodbyes will be for longer periods of time and there is no way to describe that, other than sad.

Planning an international move with three young children is certainly challenging to say the least. Between shopping and packing who had time for work? The real challenge though is to manage the chaos for the kids. 

Adam and I have done a lot of work over the past 4 years creating routines for the kids. We've spent countless hours creating and reinforcing these routines at meal times, bed times, and throughout the day. On Thursday we ripped many of these routines away from them and changed the rest. Effectively for the next 16 days our children are homeless. We've been making a game out of it telling them "Bubbe's house, Grandma's house, Bubbe's house, Grandma's house, Israel!" It seems to have sunk in because Gavi is walking around singing it and Tzippy copies. However, I can only imagine what the stress and chaos is really doing to them. I am sure we will spend countless hours recreating routines when we arrive in Retamim.

Please know that we are doing our best to see and spend time with everyone we can over the next 2 weeks. We are walking a tightrope from here to Israel and just trying to keep our kids and ourselves from crashing down. Thank you for your support and understanding. Now, a little sleep before the cycle of goodbyes and packing begins again tomorrow....er today...

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